200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Ashtanga Vinyasa

It’s Yoga Teacher Training – 200 hr Yoga Alliance Certified

For over 16 years, our program has been certifying lovers of yoga around the world. Our training supports students in deepening their understanding and relationship to the practice by studying the basic ingredients: breath, bandhas and dristi. With revolutionary methods to make the practice accessible and appropriate, our approach is modern, therapeutic, challenging, supportive and steeped in tradition.

Our Yoga Alliance Certified Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training program is a practical training designed to make you a confident and effective Ashtanga Yoga Instructor – for all levels of students.

The purpose of this program is to provide a supportive environment in which students begin to connect with their inner teacher, internal wisdom and authentic voice. Through pranayama, asana practice, mind-body journaling, group conversation, reading and guided meditation, students will practice the essential process of conscious listening to your own higher self.



200 HOURS – Astanga Vinyasa & Mixed Levels Rocket

This course is set upon the sequence of the Ashtanga Primary Series (Yoga Chikitsa) and the creative flow found in the Vinyasa Flow style of asana practice – Rocket Yoga. The traditional Ashtanga Primary series lays a strong foundation for the students, they will also learn to modify the series for their students needs, still practicing asana using breathe, dristi (gaze) and bandhas (energy locks). By the end of the course, students will be able to teach with confidence the Ashtanga primary series, Modified Primary Series, Mixed Flow class, or create your own flow class using safe yoga sequencing techniques.

No dates for Helsinki at this time.

It’s Yoga Teacher Training – 3-4 weeks intensives

The training is designed to provide participants with a solid foundation of knowledge and information with which you can confidently and effectively facilitate an Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga class for beginners. The training includes the opportunity to learn five different routines based on the Ashtanga Yoga tradition. The routines range in skill level from the basic beginner to the most advanced.

The classes you will learn during this training are:

  • Minimum Daily Requirement
  • Modified Primary Series
  • Ashtanga Primary Series
  • Mixed Levels – Mixed Flow

We will share our expertise about marketing, pricing, teaching group or private classes, and setting up your own yoga school. We intend to support each student as they develop, deepen, appreciate and expand their understanding of their true authentic self. Through basic study of philosophy, personal alignment, modifications of classical poses, pranayama practices, and individual instruction, this intimate training is sure to be a life enhancing experience. We look forward to working with you.

Teacher Trainers: Jari Kauppi E-RYT500, + Other It’s Yoga Teacher Trainers / Trainees

We’ll Give You FIVE Good Reasons Why to attend:

EXPERIENCE: The It’s Yoga Teacher Training Program has been training instructors since 1997. There are over 5000 It’s Yoga Graduates!

COMMUNITY: There are over 15 It’s Yoga Studios and Affiliates worldwide who teach in the It’s Yoga System. Job opportunities!

INTEGRITY: It’s Yoga Trainers experience a daily practice and are trained to teach what they practice, and practice what they teach.

LOVE: The It’s Yoga Teacher Training Directors share the training in gratitude and Love of the Practice.

IT’S YOGA: Change your lifestyle! Get up every day and have a personal practice, and share it with your friends, family, and communities, and watch yourself manifest the life you really want.

To enroll for the teacher training, please email info@itsyogahelsinki.fi

Teach a class – You will be assigned to teach a one-on-one beginner class at the school.
Assist classes – You will be assigned to assist classes being taught by senior instructors. You will be required to give physical adjustments and answer questions at the beginning and end of class.
Observe classes – You are required to attend classes taught by other teachers and observe their teaching style.

Complete written assignments

personal essay – your own experience of yoga. keep a journal/practise log 5. Statement of teaching philosophy Compose a short statement of the principles which you intend to uphold as you teach the Ashtanga Yoga system.

Tests – Two short quizzes which include memorization of all of the Sanskrit names for the asanas and a final written essay test.

To enroll, email: info@itsyogahelsinki.fi

  • Pattabhi Jois – Philosophy
  • Larry Schultz
  • T.Krishnamachayra , B.K.S Iyengar
  • Yoga Sutras: The Eight Limbs of Patanjali
  • History of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga
  • Theory and Practice
  • Ujjayi Breath
  • Theory and Practice
  • Working with the breath in Ashtanga sequences
  • Suryanamaskara A – Theory and Practice
  • Suryanamaskara B – Theory and Practice
  • Teaching Suryanamaskara A and B
  • Name and locate muscles, bones and joints
  • Spinal Integrity
  • Functional Movement
  • Full Primary Series
  • Modified Primary Series
  • Mixed Levels (Rocket 1)
  • Modified Intermediate Series (Rocket 2)
  • Minimum Daily Requirement
  • Names – Sanskrit and English
  • Standing, seated and finishing asanas of the Primary
  • Series – Detailed breakdown of the poses
  • Practice and benefits of the asanas
  • Guiding others – Verbal and hands-on adjustments
  • Names and function
  • Location and importance
  • Naulis – Theory and Practice Bandhas – Theory and Practice
  • Yoga as an Energetic System
  • Principles of Teaching Etiquette/Responsibility in the classroom
  • Finding your own voice as a Teacher
  • Developing a Personal Teaching Philosophy
  • Marketing yourself as a Teacher

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