My It's Yoga Story

Hi, I am Rocket Jari.

My purpose as a Rocket Yoga facilitator is to be authentic, knowledgable and creative, to support me and others to discover our potential, by sharing the Rocket practice, to explore The Yoga, The World, travel to do traininings, retreats and workshops, so we can have joy, abundance and a balanced Life.

I first found yoga in Beiging China 2001. I was working in IT service support at the time. There were yoga classes at the hotel I was staying at. One hour classes in the gym. Later I found out it was Bikram yoga without heat. It was not an easy class, but I got hooked and wanted to learn more. I started reading yoga books, and taking ashtanga classes.  As I was already teaching group fitness classes, I took BODYBALANCE teacher training, it is a class that is mostly Yoga practice. I liked that very much as it is choreographed to the music, creating a meditative Yoga flow.

Then came possibilities of teaching yoga, but I wanted to have a yoga teacher training first. So I went to Frog Lotus Yoga teacher training, in vinyasa flow style (RYT200) in Italy. And started teaching right after the course.

Hungry to practice and learn more yoga, I went to Thailand, Absolute Yoga for advanced (RYT 500) training. Learning and practising Ashtanga Vinyasa with Michel Besnard, Yin Yoga with Nora Mangiamele, and womens yoga/Restorative Yoga with Sarah Avant Stover. This was a year when I was on a sabbatical and desided to invest in me. I also did a Dive Master course (PADI) in Indonesia, as the diving is my other hobby that I was passionate about.

2012 was a turning point in my life. I had a possibility to take Rocket Yoga training in Firenze, Italy.  As I started practising the Rocket I found myself learning a lot. And by teaching the Rocket I was learning a lot more from my students. I was hooked to this effective and safe way of practising! I heard Michelle Barocci’s inspirational story about opening It’s Yoga Firenze, and started looking into opening It’s Yoga Helsinki.  I started looking for a place to rent and found current location as the birch leaves started crowing. You could see birch trees out of the studio window. And that is why there is birch leave in the logo of the studio.

Currently I’m on the It’s Yoga journey, practising, learning, and teaching, running a studio in Helsinki – Herttoniemi, and training Yoga Teacher around the world. I’m now E-RYT 500, Experienced Eegistered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. I have a sports background in figureskating, sports aerobics, and group fitness. These have provided me skills that I can use as a Yoga facilitator.  I love to study as well: bachelor degrees in Business Administration and Information Technology,  and a masters degree in Information Management Systems. So these skills have been very beneficil in running the studio.

I love to teach the Rocket Yoga for All Levels. The modifications and variation provide everyone their own yoga practice, an experience, a joyney on the mat that can influence the Life off the mat.