Happy Hour

Live Class Recording

In It’s Yoga System, the Happy Hour is practiced on Fridays. Now you have a change to join in The Rocket fun any where at any time.

Happy Hour or Rocket 3 it’s when we come together to celebrate the week. The Class Includes all the poses of It’s Yoga System – 90 poses in 90 minutes with Your own modifications for the poses. Ashtanga Vinyasa is in the core of this practice together with The It’s Yoga philosophy.

This class is a fusion of Rocket 1 and 2, which brings together the postures of the Primary and Rocket series to create a complete interpretation of the It’s Yoga System.

It is accessible to all levels and especially those who want a challenge in their practice. We will work with all levels of experience to make the class appropiate.

The Rocket 3 is a high-energy class that leaves the body charged with energy. A perfect way to start the weekend.

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