Practice what you teach, and teach what you practice!

During the first months of this year I was not feeling good because of bronchites. And was not able to practice my Yoga routines. Now after 2 months of feeling low, I am back to almost normal health.

During this period of time I started to be more aware of my thoughts and thought batterns. So the Yoga was happening also without Asana practice. I noticed that how precious the lineage of the practice is. We are following the philosophy and Asana practice that was devoloped and is still evolving, but we are not making and mixing things up. I noticed that many of my fellow Yoga teachers are teaching up to 5 different yoga styles per week. Wow that is a ton of work. How could I practice several Yoga Styles per week, and then teach them authentically? So this was what students were calling a “Commercial Yoga Studio”. Commitment to once practice brings the results.

So this knowledge let me to fall in love with Rocket even more. Authentic, Original, Focused, Creative and steeped in tradition. Namaste!

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