Learning To Fly.

I had the joy and privilage of teaching in Fuerteventura this November.  This was the very first 302 course with It’s Yoga. We had 10 days of training with one Saturday off, so we followed the It’s Yoga System. All of the trainees had already done Rocket Foundations courses 50 – 100 hours training before coming to this training. It was wonderful to see how the practice and teaching had evolved from the last training.

In this training we focused on Rocket 2 & 3 Routines. So some of the days were really demanding physically. And to calm us down we followed the rythmical structure of It’s Yoga system with YIN days on Thursdays and Sundays. This allowed us to recover from Yang style Rocket Practice during the training.

It was wonderful to see vacationing students and locals joining in the evening practices. Truly teaching All Levels Classes. As we know the benefits are in the poses with all the modifications too. This is part of Learning to Fly – some days we Fly high, some days we need to take things slow and deep. Listen to your Inner Teacher and go with the Flow!  This will give you the empowerment to create your own experience of the Practice, and take that with you off the mat.

Rocket 2 is full of opportunites for inversions, transitions and Flying. The Follow the Yogi Classes showed us that Rocket can be done in different tempos, themes and flows, although the structures remains. This course has proven that our new 100 + 100 hours for Rocket is a wonderful set up to learn to practice and teach the Rockets.

The new 300 hours program with It’s Yoga has now taken off and I’m so grateful for this opportunity to see students growing to new levels of facilitating the Rocket around the World. Students creating their own goals and living their dreams. Learning to Fly after the training as well.

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