I love seeing the transformation in the students. All the expectations, dreams and intentions will come out during the training through the Yoga practices and in the Yoga Teacher Training.

The first week will be introduction to the fundamentals of the practice. Finding the alignments and maybe changing them slightly can bring out a first strugles of the mind. But it is so worht it. Your personal anatomical alignments will help you to practice for a long time continuosly. Being aware of all the little details that are weaved into the practise can feel overwhelming. However by third week things start to fall in place. That is what brings the results in Yoga.

Teaching others is a completly different art than practicing on your own. That is why in Teacher Training we practice both arts. From day one, I will lead students to teaching and finding their own voice and breath. For some teaching will come very naturally and for some finding the words takes some getting used to. The wonderful thing is that all of the students will find their voice, it’s a process. Here again comes in the fluctuations of the mind. Expectations and wants come to play. Let go, and gradually build your own script of teaching, your words and style of teaching. Each new teacher is full of potential to reach out and teach so many things. Trust and be authentic you!

Sometimes students surprice themselves and others, the amazing transformations from shy student to confident teacher in 3-4 weeks can be a wonderful experience for all participants. This is something you will later see as a teacher with your students.

The self practise is at the heart of teaching Yoga. Teach what you practise, and practice what you teach. No matter what is your skill level of poses, there are tons of things you can teach from the practice. So explore the poses and flows of the practice. Feel the changes in the body and mind. Be aware of the feelings you find in the poses. Being still you might find more “mind stuff”, and by small movents with the breath you might learn more of the “body”, and by cultivating awereness you might feel the “subtle effects” of the practise. Your personal learning and sharing the practise will be your greatest tool of all.

The last weeks of Ashtanga Vinyasa Teacher Training are full of exploration to the teaching yoga. How to say things, where to be to be seen, how to use the voice to be heard, when to be silent, when to teach philosophy, when to teach techniques. All of this can be done with a progression. Step by step.

You will have a life time to learning Yoga. And when you keep the students mind set on, you will keep on learning all the time. The Intensive Teacher Training is a tool for you to learn all the fundamentals of practise and teaching. It is  launching pad for the Rocket to lift off.

Come and experience the transformational effect of the Yoga and learn to share Your practise.

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