What a feeling! I can feel the bandhas so much more clearly now. What has changed? My health has changed, by doing a 28 day CellReset Lifestyle program. In yogic terms it would be a detox diet, eliminating wheats, sugar, salt, milk and alcohol for month. During the month still eating a lot healthy foods, high performing food supplements and pleanty of water & herbal tea during the day. In a week my blood pressure came down to normal levels. The second week I notice increased flexibility of the joints. Third week the weight loss slowed down, but the bodyfat percentage continued to lower. The fourth week the Yoga practice changed completely. I rediscovered Uddiyana Bandha. The lightness and “depth” of the poses changed dramatically. I have always been happy with the poses as they have come, but this new found feeling was Rocket flight to the moon and back.  So this was a great reminder for me about the health of the intestines. From 21 years of age I have been suffering from swollen intestines, irritation etc. And now after change of diet, I feel like 15 years younger. My backpains have also decreased with more range of motion in all directions. That is a big WOW for me. I just taught a series of Rocket Workshops, and was able to teach with more detail and depth about the poses and transtions, as I had found new things from my selfpractice. Amazing discoveries/rediscoveries. Pashasana pose and it’s variations was one of the poses I had been struggling with. But now with flat belly and new range of motion, Yahoo, I can twist easier. I’m so exited to be able to teach otheres what I have now learned. Thank You It’s Yoga & Fitline!

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