puolikuuestoniaWhat does Rocket mean? Fast moving cylinder object? Or a verb: to increase extremely quickly or make extremely quick progress towards success. Or an inclusive Yoga class for all levels?

I have found that in Helsinki the word “Rocket Yoga” has been met with mixed feelings. Some students have told me they were afraid to come to the class named Rocket. And some say that they cannot come to the class, because they have not yet taken a course on it. Some students say that they cannot come to the class because they cannot do handstands. Well, handstand is not a requirement for Yoga. It’s just one of the poses you can practice if you choose to.

This week I had such a great response from a new student. For couple of weeks she was only coming to an Ashtanga MPS class, but today she got the courange to try Rocket. And her response was “Jari, I like the Rocket more than MPS, but I just was afraid that I could not do it.” Such a great response! She had unfair expectations that were keeping her out of the class that could change her perspective on Yoga and Life.

The Rocket is meant for all levels, to be inclusive. My purpose is to spread the love for the Rocket, offer variations for the poses when nessessary, and to keep in mind that poses are just one part of the Yoga. Breathing and being in the moment are so much more important aspects of the practice. Oh yes the practice! It’s a practice, not perfection, your practice is perfect just as it is now, there is no other moment to compare to. Let go of expectations and notice what you can do now. Yes now, today, this moment. When you do you next practice, you might notice something new and amazing by focusing on that moment, without comparisons, without judgement. Your body and mind will change through the practice. You will become more aware and present with the practice. Being authentic to your practice, you will open up your potential, the true You. By letting go off comparisons, you will have more focus on what matters, You and the present moment!

November 8th 2015

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