PinchaSintraFor 3 years I have been seeing athletes coming to yoga classes in Helsinki. In Finland mostly students start with Ashtanga class, or Hot Yoga as they are the most popular classes, and have gotten most media attention. In Helsinki I started offering Hot Rocket Flow class to introduce those students to the Rocket sequence. And I am so glad I did. I’m seeing the students getting more flexible and strong with the Rocket sequence. Gradually students are moving into Rocket Yoga classes and heating their bodies with the breath and movement.

The benfits for athletes are tremendous. The Rocket is designed to work all the joints of the body, there is movement in all directions and planes. This helps the athletes to keep their joints healthy and increase the range of motion. Rocket sequences will focus on balace, stength, hands and feet with different variations. So you will be using your whole body in the class. Most new students seem to be surpriced by the sweating that Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga creates. Some student sweat more in Rocket Yoga than in hot yoga, as the heat comes steadily from within.

The Rocket sequences can offer an aerobic training effect as well. Moving with the breath through vinyasas, inversions and calming counterposes will work through a range of heartrates. For most ahtletes the pushing and going for the limits comes naturally. That might be counterproductive in Yoga, and if you want to use Yoga for supporting your sport, or even healing from injuries. So in Rocket we want to work less with force, and more with breath, and intelligently with bandhas. The more you learn to relax the muscles, the more length, range of motion and strength will be available. Working with the breath, will help the movement to flow safely. Oxygenating the blood will help you to recover from training as well. You also need to breathe and relax into the poses to avoid over tasking the tendons and ligaments. Needless to say how important they are in sports supporting the movements in right directions. In Rocket we also strengthen the core of the body using Yoga and Pilates exercises. This will help you to move even more efficiently and safely in Yoga and everyday life.

Yoga practice needs time to develope. You will see results with Rocket Yoga fast. The continuous practice will bring even more benefits. Therefore for athletes I would recommend at least 2-3 Rocket classes in off season, and closer to the competition season reducing to 1-2 classes a week. If you are an athlete, mention that to your teacher so we can help you even more incorporate the poses and transitions to benefit you.

Welcome to Rocket Yoga!

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