I have been practicing Rocket Yoga for over 4 years now. It’s been an amazing journey into the world of yoga through the It’s Yoga philosophy. The Rocket is a sequence created by Larry Schulz that is based on Ashtanga Vinyasa, but breaks the hierarcy of the traditional Ashtanga series. By combining poses into a masterfully sequenced 3 different Rocket series, the feeling body is awakend, strenghtend and the mind will calm down.

Why do I love the Rocket? It has allowed me to modify the yoga practice to suit my body with it’s strengths, and work around some injuries.  Focusing on what I can do today, and slowly working on the more challenging hip openings, and twists that have not been my strengths.  And now I’m starting to love the yoga poses that focus on the external/interanal rotations of the hip. Working through different layers of tight muscles, connetive tissues and then letting go of tension, using the breath.  This summer I was gently pushed into quitting teaching strength building groupfitness classes. And now after 4 months I can feel effects of regular yoga practice even more. My lower back that has been stuck for 25 years after an injury is starting to move and stretch again. Now working with ahimsa-non violence and saucha-contentment in the practice are even more important. As my joints are now moving more, I’m having to concentrate on progressing slowly. I had a practice where I found that the flexibility had improved suddenly, so I enjoyd the strecth a bit too long, and for 2 weeks I felt the strain. So that reminded me again about slow and steady practice.

The Rocket sequences are scheduled on different days, giving the body different training effects. Again making the practice more safe than repeating the same poses in a same way each day. The creativity and allowing modifications will help you to find new dimentions of you body, and the small  differences in the way the variations work, will make your practice safe, interesting and fun. Larry Shultz has said: ”Your bodys limits are also your protection”. Keeping this in mind when working with new poses, will help you to progress safely. If your body is not yet ready for full pose, modify the pose, and you will get the same benefits as the full pose. For me the stiff lower back has forced me to modify some the poses, and this has helped me to learn the different variations and effects they can have. And now that my back is a bit more flexible, I’m appriciating the effects of the full poses even more.

Join in the Rocket classes and find out more yourself. It’s Yoga!

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