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300 hours Advanced Yoga Teacher Trainings

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  • Rocket Fly 6.-16.6.2017 – 100 hours

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Seven reasons to go for a Yoga Teacher Training

1. Deepen your Yoga practice with experienced Yoga facilitators and practitioners.
2. Work in a positive and supportive environment.
3. Learn to express yourself in a confident and natural manner.
4. A change to learn new skills for a new career or a part time job.
5. Find new friendships and collaboration possibilities with your fellow trainees.
6. Take time for personal development, out of the busy day to day life. Learn to use the skills that you already have, and enhance them for guiding students in a Yoga class.
7. Opportunities to work around the world teaching Yoga classes.






Join the The Rocket - Find Your Inner Flow

Rocket Classes for all levels. Beginners to advanced practice in the same room, sharing the experience, energy, breathing together.



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